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Valerie Zimmerman

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<strong class="text-steel-100">Valerie</strong> is a Real Estate Agent at <strong class="text-steel-100">JMG REALTY</strong>. They have <strong class="text-steel-100">15 verified reviews</strong> with an average rating of <strong class="text-steel-100">5 stars</strong>. They currently have <strong class="text-steel-100">1 active property listing </strong> and 21 sold property listings over the past 12 months worth <strong class="text-steel-100">$4,238,280.00</strong>.

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12 months ago
#1 realtor!

Val was awesome to work with. She took time and explained the entire process from start to finish. She knows her stuff when it comes to real estate! I high recommend Val if you are in the market to buy/sell!

12 months ago
As easy as buying a first time house could be be

Valerie made buying my first home as easy as i could imagine for the time. It took my a full year almost to find a house I liked and could afford and Valerie never slowed down trying to keep listings my way. I decided to take a break from house hunting during the summer months and told her I would like to start looking again in September and sure enough, September rolled around and she called me to see if I was ready again. She's never been pushy to get me into a house that I didn't like 100%. When I decide to buy a new house or just property, I will without a doubt be asking for her assistance again.

12 months ago
Amazing realtor

Valerie was very kind and knowledgeable throughout our entire process of buying our first home. She helped make it possible for our dream home to become our reality home. 😊

12 months ago
Quick and easy to work with.

Valerie did great keeping me up to date almost daily in the process.

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Valerie has 1 property currently for sale, showing 1.

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426 Lavender St
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