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Nicki Burns

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<strong class="text-steel-100">Nicki</strong> is a Real Estate Agent at <strong class="text-steel-100">Providence Properties</strong>. They have <strong class="text-steel-100">10 verified reviews</strong> with an average rating of <strong class="text-steel-100">4.9 stars</strong> They have 6 sold property listings over the past 12 months worth <strong class="text-steel-100">$2,236,000.00</strong>.

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11 months ago
Nicki is our homegirl!!

The best part of our experience was knowing we had someone who actually cared on our side. She is very smart, always planning ahead and knowing what to look for. She never once tried to sugar coat anything for us, she always kept a clear and open communication. She was also very understanding, and it didn’t matter how many times I asked the same question or new questions, she was always willing to give me the time and explanation I needed. She made the process stress-free and I would do it all over again. Because of Nicki, my family and I got to spend our first Christmas together in our new home. The memories we’ve created will be cherished forever!

11 months ago
Smooth, quick, and fun transaction.

Nicki was great all the way around from the time we told her we wanted to buy a home to the time we had the keys in our hands. We purchased a home in a very competitive market and because of that we had to act quick. Whenever we wanted to look at a house Nicki was on it and got us in to look as soon as possible. She even would take us back to look again if we were unsure about something or wanted to take measurements. On top of that, communication was exceptional. She was always quick to respond and always got us the help we needed. I can’t say enough good things about Nicki. She was just so easy to work with and made our buying experience easy and a lot of fun. I would not hesitate to recommend Nicki to my friends or family.

about 1 year ago
Very happy, pleasant and informative.

Nicki provided us with multiple comps to support our sales price.

about 1 year ago
Just pick her already!

Nicki is great! She was super flexible and was willing to accommodate our busy schedule when looking at houses that popped up on the market. She was very resourceful and found us reliable contractors to use for inspections and services.

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