How to become a Trusted Agent


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Trust is the crown jewel of real estate agent marketing. Buyers and sellers all want to appoint an agent they can trust to get them the best price and experience but demonstrating that trust has proven to be very difficult in the past.


We have heard it all before, real estate agents are untrustworthy like other salespeople. Numerous polls and surveys tell us this.


But we don’t think the survey results paint a true picture as we know there are many trusted and transparent agents providing exceptional customer experiences, we have already collected over 400,000 positive buyer and seller reviews.


One of the problems that consumers face is the difficulty in finding trusted agents and on the flip side, agents have the problem with demonstrating and effectively promoting that they are trusted agents.


That’s now changed with the launch of our newly released Agent Recognition product feature which aims to help agents build trust with potential clients and differentiate themselves from the competition. The Trusted Agent Badge is one of three badges which agents can earn and it demonstrates that the agent embraces transparency and requests 100% of client reviews for each of their sales. They do not filter their requests and are also open to more critical, constructive feedback.



How to become a Trusted Agent

This agent embraces transparency and requests 100% of their client reviews. They are confident that they provide exceptional service to all their clients, do not filter their requests, and are open to more critical, constructive feedback.


Requirement: This agent must have requested client reviews for every single transaction in the last 12 months. 100% of buyer and seller reviews requested, 0 dismissed. You must have transacted at least 10 properties to be eligible.


Bonus tip: Turn on Easy Reviews to make sure you never miss a review request again.


How to become Top 20% nationwide

This badge is given for high level of customer satisfaction and the agent is in the top 20% of agents nationally for their Review/Sales Ratio (RSR).


Requirement: You must have sold at least 10 properties to be eligible.


More info on the Review/Sales Ratio (RSR) can be found here.


How to become a Multi-year Award Winner

This badge is given to an agent who has won a specific Agent of the Year award twice or more. See how to win Agent of the Year.


Requirement: The agent needs to have won the same award, across multiple years, either nationally, or at state, region, city, or county level. The awards do not have to be for consecutive years.


For more information on Agent Recognition and how you can earn Trusted Agent status, read the FAQ article here.


or if you already have:

to be recognized as a Trusted Agent.




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