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Good stories, well told. That's what I'm about. Working to finish my own well and empowering others to do the same. With stories, I'm most interested in the intersections. We've all been there. It's those places where the status quo is disrupted by an obstacle and a choice has to be made. Maybe that obstacle creates unexpected disorder. Maybe it provides celebratory reorder. Or maybe it's somewhere in between. Regardless, they are all necessary and valuable to our story because they create conflict and require a choice to be made as to how to move forward or move on. I have spent almost 20 years exploring those life intersections as a Creative Director, Arts Administrator, Producer, Educator, Small Business Owner, and now, Real Estate Agent. The medium changes, but the stories do not. Whether I'm directing a play, project managing a public relations campaign, or representing a client in a listing or buying transaction journey, disruptions occur, intersections emerge, and choices need to be made. "Where do I go from here?" That's where I'm most interested in meeting you. Whether it's a joyful context or one steeped in hurt and uncertainty, you are not alone. Your story matters, now and always. If you want someone who is chasing a sale or dollar sign, I'm not your guy. But if you are looking for someone to walk the path with you, to fully see and hear you, please reach out. Homes are important but hearts are invaluable. I'd be honored to serve both.

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22 days ago
We could not ask for a better experience!

Justin made our homebuying process smooth as butter. I'd always imagined buying a house would be a high stress time where I'd always feel like I'm forgetting or missing something, but we didn't experience that at all! Right from the beginning we felt like Justin knew what we were looking for, and he put together a batch of really good homes to see. We fell in love with the first one he showed us, and the rest is history. He is an absolute professional the entire process, but he really shined once we went under contract. Sarah and I both don't have any experience in home buying or anything along those lines, but Justin made sure that we had everything we needed and understood the process we were going through. We'll be calling him for all of our property needs from here on out!

7 months ago
4th Time Around

Working with Justin (and Michael) has been an extremely wonderful process. Between the both of them, they made a process that seemed overwhelming and daunting so much better. I have sold two homes, bought a home, and now looking to buy once more with them. I'm incredibly grateful that I met Justin and that this team has been the one to help us for the past year.

7 months ago
Very Very Helpful

Justin was wonderful the whole time we worked with him. As a 1st time homebuyer, he was an absolute joy to work with and helped us navigate through the whole process. He was very patient and completely partnered with us on the process.

8 months ago
5 stars is just the start

I don't remember ever writing such a positive review, but anyone reading this should know that Justin is not the usual real estate agent. I can look back in my life and go through all the major interactions I had with people on a professional level and Justin would come out on top. He worked tirelessly on a tight time schedule in a crazy market and I can't imagine how we are in our house we love today without Justin. The personalized care made me feel like I was dining in a luxury restaurant. Even the followup since getting into our house has been incredible. He stops at nothing to provide top notch service and I couldn't recommend him any higher. 6 stars!

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