The 2022 Agent of the Year Awards: New Award Categories

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RateMyAgent understands what a review actually embodies – hard work, long hours, heart, and soul, all for the sake of serving clients well. Now, there is finally a way to collectively raise the bar in real estate and celebrate the agents who make our industry better. The process is simple. Deliver excellence. Focus on the client experience. Raise the quality of customer service. Effort captured in a RateMyAgent verified review, which is tied directly to the transaction for authenticity, is every agent’s entry ticket. No fees, no lengthy application process, no nominations. We know effort should be focused on serving clients well.

In our second year of hosting the awards in the US, we are excited to announce the city and county category additions! What does this mean?


City Awards: The top agent in each city will be recognized.

County Awards: The top 5 ranked county-level agents will be recognized, along with one winner per county. 


Agents are closely connected with their local communities, where their relationships and reviews matter most. With these new categories, we want to shine a light directly on those agents working hard to deliver excellent service locally. Bringing our awards to this level allows for more agents to be properly recognized and rewarded for their efforts.

To be eligible to win an award, agents must have activated their profile and started collecting verified reviews on RateMyAgent. The proprietary algorithm within each award category will consider agents with at least 5 transactions, each with at least one positive verified review attached to them. All reviews for consideration need to be received by Midnight Sunday, January 2nd 2022 (PST) for property Transactions throughout 2020 and 2021.

To learn more about awards calculations and how to qualify for the Agent of the Year Awards, browse the important dates and FAQs on the page below.


Attention Real Estate Agents

Join us for the 2022 Agent of the Year Awards. Claim your free profile and request verified reviews today. Words matter and it’s time to be rewarded for exceptional client experiences. We are here to help with that, and turn your client’s positive words into repeat and referral business.

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