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The 2021 Agent of the Year Awards: How to enter and win

Announcing the RateMyAgent 2021 Agent of the Year Awards, the first national awards program designed to honor agents raising the bar in real estate


See the latest article published by Inman, announcing the RateMyAgent 2021 Agent of the Year Awards. RateMyAgent understands what a review actually embodies–your hard work, long hours, heart, and soul, all for the sake of serving your clients well. Now, there is finally a way to collectively raise the bar in real estate and celebrate the agents who make our industry better.


In today’s fast-paced market, uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and a perpetually alarming media cycle, a few things are certain: We’re all tired. We’re all frustrated. And we’re all focused on how little control we have, rather than how we can use our own individual power to get through this. With this sort of distraction, its easy to become disrupted. Agents can inadvertently move away from their focused intentions, and spend their days in reaction mode.


At RateMyAgent, we want to help you focus on what you can control and stay proactive. We want to help you be undisruptable, which is why are announcing the 2021 Agent of the Year Awards. Its time for agents to get rewarded for the work you already do: delivering excellence, focusing on the client experience, and raising the quality of customer service. The 2021 Agent of the Year Awards are not like your typical awards as a result. They do not require an entry fee, no nominations are necessary and there is no lengthy application process.


The criteria to qualify for the 2021 Agent of the Year Awards are crystal clear: We’re basing this on verified client reviews. We believe that when agents transparently represent their service and standards with transaction-backed client reviews, everyone wins. To enter to win the Agent of the Year Awards from now through Sunday, January 3rd, 2021 (11:59 Pacific Time), agents can enter to win by following these three steps:


  1. Activate your free RateMyAgent Profile.

  2. Collect verified RateMyAgent reviews, linked to the transaction.

  3. Keep doing what you do best and serve your clients well.


That’s it! You are eligible to win an award if you have activated your profile and started collecting verified reviews on RateMyAgent. From there, our proprietary algorithm will consider agents with at least five transactions. Each transaction must be tied to at least one positive, verified review. We then calculate both verified and unverified reviews captured from coast to coast and surface the top agents based on customer feedback. To learn more about the awards or to activate your profile to get started, click below:



About RateMyAgent

RateMyAgent is a digital marketing platform built for great agents to harness the power of verified reviews to validate, differentiate and grow business. From the free Basic profile that brings all existing and new reviews together to create a holistic view, to the robust Digital Pro subscription that brings those well-earned reviews to life through targeted online ads, listing reports that highlight great reviews near the property address, and unique landing pages for each review to improve SEO and expand that ever-important digital footprint. Tied directly to the real estate transaction, their reputation and relationships, agents can finally focus on serving their clients well, knowing the effort will be rewarded as well as provide powerful 3rd party social proof based content to grow future business.