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Nick Tiger Quay is undisruptable


“Giving time, energy and emotion to our clients and the transaction, needs to come before anything else.”

Nick Tiger Quay is the self-proclaimed, paddleboarding, dock-knocking realtor from South Florida. He has a smile that reaches from ear to ear, a heart of gold and truly understands what sets him apart–delivering on his word. Growing up in a military family, he learned at an early age that his word was his bond, something he’s carried with him into business that is both refreshing and effective.

“People will work with you because they like  you and they trust you.”

And Nick’s business is thriving. He’s found his voice in his community, he is serving his people well and knows that tomorrow’s pipeline is overflowing because of the excellence he provides today. This is what makes him undisruptable.

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Nick Quay: Hi. I’m Nick “Tiger” Quay, a South Florida real estate expert.

Nick Quay: Hi, I’m Nick “Tiger” Quay, your dock-knocking, paddle-boarding South Florida real estate Expert.

Molly McKinley: That’s awesome.

Molly McKinley: Yep, it was great. What does the word “undisruptable” mean to you?

Nick Quay: “Undisruptable” means to me that you always persevere. That, no matter what’s going on around you, that you focus on the things that you can do, never get lost, and focus on the things that you can’t.

Molly McKinley: That’s awesome. What are some of the things that you are doing to make your business undisruptable or defensible against all of the things coming in.

Nick Quay: Some of the things that I’m doing to ensure that my business stays undisruptable is, I’m always leading from the heart. I think it’s really important as agents to put our client’s needs above ours. It’s really important for me, part of my business ethos, to put their wallet above mine as well. Serving them from the right place is going to ensure that I’m always going to be in business, that I’m constantly going to be serving people at the highest level while getting referrals in the future.

Molly McKinley: Beautiful. Is there a moment or a story you want to share where you’re going way above and beyond, the stuff that you would want someone to know but they just don’t know?

Nick Quay: Something people don’t know is, when you hire the right agent, they’ll do anything for you. I’ve had situations where we had emergencies happen for a family and I’m picking up the kids from school while I’m going to then deliver a car to a dealership for them. Or I got, hold on. 

Nick Quay: I mean, to me, it’s normal for me. But I know it’s above and beyond for-

Nick Quay;The right one. Okay. I just had a funny one. Somebody gave me an Aston Martin for a while. That was fun. That’s my favorite corner I ever had.

Nick Quay: I’ll tell you in a minute. Yeah, pretty much.

Nick Quay: Something you might not know is, when you hire the right agent, they’re going to become part of your family. They’ll do anything for you. I’ve had situations where a family emergency arises, even if we’re not in the middle of a transaction, and I’m picking up the kids from school, making sure that they’re home safe and everything’s set up for the family when they arrive.

Nick Quay: Something you might not know is, making the choice in who’s going to represent your transaction, is really going to transition and change your life. One thing I had to do recently is, my buyers were in Canada. The Condo Association of Miami requires an in person interview. So I set up Skype, I make sure everything’s ready to go. I have he and his wife on a Skype conference with me. And I go down there and I interview with the association on their behalf early, make sure everything’s going to go smooth, and that they like and understand who my client is and the values they bring to the community. And then I did the full interview for them. This is something that I do.

Molly McKinley: That’s awesome. What, did you have?

Nick Quay: Do you want others? I pick up boat parts, I take cars, I do all kinds of stuff. Cook dinners, anniversary reservations.

Nick Quay: Some examples of things that I’ve done differently in the past year is, I’ve picked up boat parts in Fort Lauderdale for a boat down in Miami when my client was in Europe. I’ve picked up kids from school. I’ve sous vided octopus and grilled it on my client’s anniversary. I take cars to car dealerships. I even got to babysit an Aston Martin for six months. These are the kinds of things that I do differently.

Molly McKinley: That’s amazing. How do you feel about your reputation? What does that mean for your Business?

Nick Quay: My reputation means everything to me. As a young child in a military family, I was taught that our word is our bond. So it’s really important that my clients understand the values that I bring and that they’re always saying good things about me. I think this goes back to my ethos of always doing the right thing, serving others from the heart for the right reason, and always putting their needs above my own.

Molly McKinley: Yeah. That’s amazing. And what about reviews? Online reviews? Do you have a point of view on that?

Nick Quay: Being that over 90% of customers today start online, having solid online reviews is really important. I’m a huge fan of video. It’s such an honor to me that some of my clients allow me to video interview them afterwards. This is key to my success, because it gives other people an insight as to what it’s actually like to work with me beyond just the regular transactional things.

Nick Quay: I have this conversation all the time and it’s always different. A conversation that I have often is other agents are looking to me for guidance with all this disruption and all this noise in our industry. It’s true, we’re in a very noisy industry and I think it’s important to do things for the right reason. The more time that we spend focused on other things, we’re not really focusing on the task at hand and on the transactions. I get asked often about the noise in the industry. How do you focus and maintain success and upward momentum when there’s all these things, problems? i-buyers, everybody has trigger words. The more time that we spend on things like this, the less time we’re actually putting into ourselves and into our business. Giving time and emotion and energy to your clients and being dedicated to the transaction needs to come before anything else. So I really think that it’s important to focus on our task that we’re doing. Cut out the noise, because it really doesn’t matter. These people are going to work with us because they like us and because they trust us.

Molly McKinley: Perfect. Any final words of wisdom about being undisruptable?

Nick Quay: Being undisruptable is a lot easier than you think. It all comes from the heart and from the mindset. Everything starts in our mind. Your thoughts, the music that you listen, to the words that you say in the morning, the poetry you read, all these things are going to affect your mindset. So staying undisruptable is just staying true to yourself. 200%.

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