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14008 Hermosillo Way, Poway, CA, 92064

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14008 Hermosillo Way
Poway CA 92064
Single Family

6 months ago

Expect The Best, Get The Best

Let me start by saying I'm not one to write reviews for much of anything, but I feel Melissa is absolutely worthy of one. The first time I met Melissa was roughly 13 years ago when I was one of those lookey-loos, wandering into an open house three doors down from my home. My intention was to glean home improvement ideas for my own home. I went in set with my rebuttal to dissuade her from trying to sell my home and buy something somewhere else in a house and neighborhood I couldn't afford. I made it clear from the moment I walked through the door that I wasn't interested and she welcomed me in with open arms, and cookies (REALLY good cookies, might I add.) Melissa never tried to sell me and because of her laid back, no-nonsense way about her, we instantly hit it off. For YEARS after our first encounter, Melissa went above and beyond to make it known she was thinking about me and my young family. Yes, she was building relationships to help her become successful in the future, only the smartest people do, but she also was building a genuine friendship. Because of this friendship, I had promised Melissa roughly 7 years ago that if we were to sell our home, she would be the only person we would call. I'm certain she didn't believe me because, let's face it, how many people say something like that but don't deliver? Fast forward to April 8, 2022. Our family decided it was time to get out of dodge and I called on Melissa to help us sell. The house went on the market and within a week an offer was bid and accepted for $55K over listing price! Melissa was in constant contact with me. If I had questions or concerns, she was quick to respond and find a solution. When you choose a realtor to help you make one of the biggest decisions of your life, that person MUST take that task seriously. Melissa treated the sale of my house as though she were selling her own home. She made sure we were happy and educated. For that, I am eternally grateful.

Sammi, First, thank you so much for this touching review you had me in happy tears.. It’s truly been a blessing to have you as a friend and a seller! It’s sometimes not easy for many people to separate the two. Advocating for clients is precisely why I love what I do so much I can separate the professional from The personal . When you work with so many people you develop friendships that are some of the best I’ve ever had. Thank you for choosing me to sell your home. Thank you for coming to my open house so long ago! I am happy for you and your families new adventure. Stay in touch. Safe travels 🙏 Melissa Huk
Melissa responded on 25 May 2022
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