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<strong class="text-steel-100">John</strong> is a Real Estate Agent at <strong class="text-steel-100">Best Realty & Investment, Inc.</strong>. They have <strong class="text-steel-100">1 verified review</strong> with an average rating of <strong class="text-steel-100">5 stars</strong> They have 2 sold property listings over the past 12 months worth <strong class="text-steel-100">$1,350,000.00</strong>.

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8 months ago
An excellent experience with John, during a very important time in my life.

Selling a house is more than just picking up and moving somewhere; it can be an extremely life changing and in some ways disorienting event. As someone who recently became a first time home seller, moving across country and going through a lot personally in life at the time, I found the whole process to be quite beyond what I could have ever imagined. I never gave it much thought before how important such a selection would be in regards to choosing the right realtor, but I'm so grateful and blessed to have had John Lee (and his team) be such a choice, and through such a meaningful time in my life. Really, a good agent has to be multi-dimensional, and able to handle several facets of human nature at once, which includes the good, the bad, and let's say the potentially ugly when negotiations begin. Having someone listening and fighting for my needs, communicating the same of others, and being able to navigate that very tricky road is a delicate balance to strike indeed. One wants a fighter in their corner, but someone who will also communicate sound and honest advice, so as to keep things in proper perspective. We (the sellers) may not always get what we want/may have expectations that need to be lowered/may have expectations that need to be raised, but for whatever the case may be, we need to be able to discuss things freely so as to achieve the best outcome together, and that takes someone who is confident in themselves, wanting to fight for your best interests, but also in touch with reality. John came to help at a very transitional time in my life that only when I look back after the dust has settled, do I realize how much would not have been possible without someone of his character and care. He was constantly reassuring, and supportive, even while I was 3000 miles away. Godspeed to all who team up with John. I am extremely grateful for all of his hard work. He was an absolute blessing for me.

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