Grateful for our Undisruptables

Gratitude, Vision and Perseverance: Our Undisruptables Lead the Way


It goes without saying that 2020 was an unprecedented year for the world. For most, it felt like a roller coaster ride without a safety bar or seatbelt around us. Above all, it was unpredictable. 


What was predictable however was that the real estate industry rose to the occasion. As deemed a necessary profession, agents committed to serving their people, helping meet their housing needs, and in most cases, were busier than ever. We knew this would happen because we have a front row seat to the incredible service delivered by agents every single day. We see it in their reviews. The effort embodied in words that demonstrate how this industry comprises some of the most incredible humans on the planet. We call them the undisruptables, and these people demonstrate all that is good and right in real estate.



We tip our hats to these agents, brokers, influencers and professionals who graced us with their time and talent this year. We see you. We salute you. We’re incredibly grateful for you and all that you’ve done for RateMyAgent, the industry, and your clients every single day.


Our 2020 Undisruptables: 


This is what being undisruptable looks like. Join us as we push ahead toward 2021, link arms with each other, and continue to serve with our hearts and souls. Thank you.



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